A couple tips on gear to help better your game!


Face/eye gear;

Best protection; wear a full face mask.

You only have two eyes so protect them at all cost, wear goggles that cover the entire eye area.


Fogging; get anti fog spray or a goggle fog wiper to get rid of the foggy eye gear while gamming.

There are a few decent mask that are scratch proof and have a good anti fog lens.


Body gear;

Pain; if your a concerned parent or someone whom does not like pain but want to play airsoft wear a full face mask, long sleeve shirt, pants, and maybe a vest to keep pain levels tolerable.


Camo; wear camouflaged cloths or darker color cloths to be harder to see which helps give you an advantage.


Foot wear; I like to wear thick water boots because I can get around better and if it is muddy (during rainy season) it does not slow me down. If you are concerned about snakes thick water boots would give you decent protection. No open shoes, saddles, or bare feet allowed!


Hands; wear gloves to protect your hands.



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