No Polar star guns!

FPS limits;

Shooting houses & sidearms 350 FPS .20g  5' min. distance from tip of gun.

Field full auto 400FPS .20g - 30'  min. distance

Support  400 FPS .20g -(fast full auto aeg)  50' min. distance

Sniper bolt action 450 FPS .25g - 100' min. distance

Chrono takes place every time your enter park. NO exception! Rental guns get chronoed every time to ensure a safe day. Modified guns subject to field discretion

Long pant and boots are recommended.

Crocks, flip flops and open shoes are not allowed.

Safety glasses/ face mask are mandatory at all times.  Ages 16 and under are to wear a full face mask (bring your own or rent one for $3).

The glasses must be a complete wrap around type they must enclose the entire eye area touching face with gasket – No sunglasses where a BB can enter from behind or side, protect yours eyes!


Age limits;

  • 12  and under; You must wear pants, a long sleeve shirt and a full face mask which covers eyes and ears.
  • 7-9 Must play with an adult by their side.


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